Correcting a milk allergy with kefir

It is not uncommon for babies to suffer an allergy to cow’s milk This type of milk allergy is when the body struggles to accept the milk proteins and is different to lactose intolerance, lactose is the sugar that is present in the milk. Most babies grow out of their milk allergy fairly reliably however there is a body of evidence that confirms the use of kefir to correct this, for centuries back.

Kefir is a fermented milk drink where the SCOBY, or Symbiotic Culture OBacteria & Yeast, is added to whole milk. These probiotics feed on sugars and break down the milk proteins for you so that when you drink kefir, you introduce a culture of good bacteria to your gut microbiome, that digests these problem proteins for your baby naturally.

A newborn faces many challenges in its first few months. As remarkable as the human body is in adapting to a wide range of stimulus, from seasonal temperature to home and family, they also must develop a good gut microbiome. Babies need assistance in many ways when they first arrive and introducing corrective probiotics, when necessary and under a health practioner’s guidance, is just one gentle way of helping them to do this. In Russia a small amount of kefir; as little as a dip of the Mama’s finger in baby’s mouth every day for a week is used to get the probiotics into the babies gut. The reason this helps for baby, as explained above, is that kefir delivers the correct healthy bacteria to digest milk proteins.

Helping baby get used to healthy eating from the start is beneficial in the long run. A healthy gut microbiome also improves baby’s willingness to eat a diverse selection of healthy foods. Probiotics, which are administered easily to grown children and adults as syrups and tablets, have been proven essential to balancing our microbiome, especially after a course of antibiotics. Kefir contains these good bacteria naturally, and in a broader diversity than most probiotic supplements and other fermented foods, even yogurt. Kefir is a safe food for babies but is not a replacement for breast milk or formula.


Good gut health is the foundation of good health; from good digestion and staying regular to mental fitness and healthy skin. Drinking kefir every day, is a easy and delicious way to give your body the support it needs to function for your benefit.

We at NuMeSA believe in a healthy tummy for a happy life! Building a happier and healthier South Africa – one microbiome at a time!

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