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A Gut Health Journey

A mothers responsibility to her children...

Our journey commenced in 2012 when my daughter, grappling with persistent gut issues, found herself in constant pain and discomfort. Conventional medical solutions were vague and gave us answers that didn’t address the root cause of her suffering. As her mother I felt a deep desire figure out what was going on and to try and help her. We began searching for answers.

Our quest for understanding led us to scrutinize our diet, meticulously examining how certain foods influenced her condition. Slowly but surely, we began to piece together a puzzle that had confounded us for years. It was during this exploratory phase that we encountered a fellow community member at church who had been battling with IBS. She became a wellspring of knowledge in the realm of gut health, introducing us to a whole new world of possibilities.

Her recommendations sparked a thirst for knowledge within me that led to countless hours of research, the identification of patterns, and dialogues with others who had grappled with similar gut-related issues. As each new recommendation unfolded, my curiosity grew, propelling me deeper into the realm of gut health.

Our journey led us to an unexpected but profoundly impactful solution: kefir, gifted to us by an angel. Initially met with skepticism, we eventually embraced this alternative approach when pharmaceutical interventions offered no relief. The results were transformative, and that little bit of kefir changed our lives forever.

An opportunity staring us in the face…

Upon delving into the vast pool of information, I couldn’t help but notice a glaring gap in our understanding of what constitutes true “health.” Gut health, often overlooked, emerged as a crucial element in the complex web of well-being. This realization, fortified by years of dedicated learning and research, fueled the birth of “NuMeSA” in 2014. The name was inspired by a word my little boy used to call food when he was a babba. He’d ask for “nummi-sa.” I loved it. I knew I had to keep it and use it one day.

Our mission was clear: to make the benefits of live probiotics accessible to all in the most convenient manner possible. The journey was marked by tireless research, constant learning, and a resolute dedication to a cause that had become the cornerstone of our lives.

Through the years, the undeniable truth came to light: the gut and its health are the linchpin of well-being. It serves as the primary defense mechanism, the root of inflammation in the body, and a central player in health issues that, on the surface, may not seem connected to the gut.


Today, NuMeSA Pty Ltd, nestled in Centurion, Gauteng, stands as a thriving artisanal business, born from the humble confines of my kitchen, inspired by my children and driven by a need to make healthy easy. Our dedication to fostering healthier, happier lives through quality kefir and a range of gut health products remains unshakable.

While our specialty is kefir, we recognize the challenges that come with embarking on a journey to better gut health. This realization prompted us to expand our offerings to include a comprehensive selection of gut-feeding, gut-healing, and gut-sealing products.

We extend an invitation to you to join us on a journey of understanding, from the mouth to the colon, the profound significance of a healthy gut. Our world grapples with unnecessary suffering, but the power to change this reality lies in our hands. It’s time to choose a life that is healthier, more balanced, and filled with happiness.


We adhere to stringent food safety standards and regulations, ensuring the highest quality of products. In 2023, NuMesa became a proud member of The Gut Health Association South Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to gut health education and the promotion of gut-friendly products.

Vision Statement

Guided by a commitment to excellence, we at NuMeSA strive to create South Africa’s finest kefir products. Our vision is to empower individuals with the transformative benefits of gut health, offering a comprehensive range of products and services designed to foster well-being and vitality. With a dedication to education and innovation, our aim is to positively impact the lives of countless individuals, enhancing their health and overall quality of life. Rooted in our values of empowerment, faith, and love, we are determined to build a healthier nation, one gut (person) at a time.

Mission Statement

At NuMeSA, our mission is to liberate individuals from the pain, discomfort, embarrassment, sickness and challenges linked to poor gut health. We are dedicated to producing exceptional products with each order and assisting our customers in discovering the path to improved well-being. Every day, we strive to simplify the journey to health, exploring innovative ways to support our customers through education, new product offerings, and continuous self-improvement.

We are committed to creating a better world through quality products, sustainable business practices and a happy workforce.

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