The best thing about poo is…!

Brace yourself and get ready to let go of some baggage. Are you sitting down? Now relax and enjoy a liberating look into the character of your gut health.

When you come to think about poo, as we all do after some persuasion in some cases, there is a lot we can credit poo with giving us to do with feelings of health and well-being. Despite it being a topic to avoid in polite company, this is a great topic to look into because, the best thing about poo is, it is a clue to what to do to feel better. From infants to old age, it is something we do often enough to have a good idea about what is coming out of our back end. So, what is there to think about?

 Colour, texture and density all tell you how much water your body has access to, how much of your food is being absorbed and what, if anything you might want to remedy, especially if you are not feeling well.

 You will be glad to know there is a widely used scale to measure your poo against, to determine how well you’re doing. The Bristol Stool chart was created after a study of over 2000 people that made it very easy to understand a universal nature of poo.

If you experience any of the less than ideal stools then you should consider intervention to restore balance. From your plate, your food has to go through a complex process of extracting the nutrients from the meal you have eaten and carefully sending waste out as soon as possible.

We rely very heavily on a diverse culture of micro-organisms from our mouth to our colon, mostly good bacteria. The food digestion process is their life. But for all life to thrive, we need to give our gut culture all the support it needs, like plenty of fresh drinking water, prebiotics and non-poisonous food to work on. Not enough fresh drinking water is the main cause of most constipation. However, if you are drinking water and eating food and still don’t have a regular healthy poo, then maybe you need to increase the good bacteria, who help you digest to improve the fight for good health.

It has been proven without a doubt that good gut bacteria improves health in fundamental ways. This is undisputed, and when it comes to discomfort from bowl movements or lack thereof, something as simple as adding fermented food and drinks to your diet may quickly bring relief.

Of course, you cannot expect any life to live well without quality food, enough water and lots of vegetables and fruit for fibre (prebiotics), so give a thought to the work that your gut does for you every day and consider employing a few million helpers regularly to help you make the perfect ‘logs’ every day.

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Yours in gut health

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