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Two weeks ago, published an article on a study that gives conclusive results indicating that a combination of pro and prebiotics routinely included in your diet, through supplements or whole food sources, measured improvement in patients suffering depression, over those who received no treatment or placebos.

If you suffer from depression, anxiety and stress and need a break, I have a gut feeling you are going to want to know about this. While there is a lot to take in with long medical words that describe how your brain and gut is linked, I will try to make it as straightforward as I can. To check for yourself, have a look at the vast amount of information on the Gut Brain Axis and if that is not enough, try

‘ Microbiota-gut-brain axis’ ; it is simply uplifting to discover how our gut and brains are such suitable survival partners. The short version is easy to understand if you consider that your gut health is the result of cultures of good bacteria that work together to extract nutrients. They exist just to keep a healthy balance so that you can function at your best with the food that you eat. If your microbiome of cultures is off balance, your food does not benefit you and can instead be an obstacle or damaging to your health. Not only that, bad bacteria can thrive where good ones are not available and that can ultimately cause you distress. You should not have to feel stress and you can avoid stress by feeding your gut some culture!

The Gut Brain axis, a fairly new conversation in scientific circles, is the relationship between the Gastrointestinal(GI) tract and brain function and development. While it is obvious that our brain signals our body through the nervous system, we have two different signal networks – one that we use to make choices (navigating on your device) and the other that is automated, that you can’t easily resist (breathing). However, with the brain-gut axis, these nervous systems have direct and indirect involvement, in both your emotional and cognitive pathways, in both directions. The point is, your gut tells your brain as much as your brain tells your gut what to do, with relatively equal authority.

When you know something because of a gut feeling, is it not sometimes the brain that is the first to argue? Yet, how often is a gut feeling the ultimate guiding influence. It’s a little like a power struggle between our head and all the micro- organisms and the culture they bring to your living experience; if the micro-organisms are not happy then the body is not happy and they demand of the head that it knows so; it is felt then, as stress or anxiety. Knowing this now, through studies like the one we link to above, means we can use our heads to decide on how to fix it.

So, if you suffer from depression, stress and anxiety, introduce your gut to proven cultures that take a load off your mind, work like they know they should, and serve your well being. You should feel less stressed and feel more happiness instead.

Remember to combine your probiotics with prebiotics, as the study suggests, to get the best results. Probiotics are live cultures delivered in whole foods and drinks like kefir. Prebiotics are indigestible dietary fibres and compounds that feed the good bacteria in your gut and are delivered in fruits and grains.”

Make yourself happier, it is so easy with nume S.A. kefir . Happy tummy! Happy life!

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