Psychobiotics – the new organic tech for anxiety and depression

2020 has been a rather interesting year to date, so if I tell you that Psychobotics are the key to less anxiety and the potential cure for your depression you may believe me and think I’m taking about nano technologoy, but this is organic microbe technology and it’s phenomenal. Psychobiotics refer to live bacteria that, when ingested in appropriate amounts, might confer a mental health benefit by affecting microbiota of the host organism.Our microbes are the technology within our amazing bodies that influence our mental health. Our gut microbes manufacture neurotransmitters.  

The microbiome project which took place over 5 years has helped us identify the specific microbes that can assist us mentally and emotionally feel better. More than one of these are found in fermented foods like kefirkimchi and sauerkraut. You can also take probiotic supplements if you choose not to let food be your medicine. Our gut microbes also control our immune system, lower inflammation, help with Vit B production and assist with relieving constipation.

Remember to feed you gut microbiome. They eat prebiotics – insoluble fibres like inulin, a chicory root extract, asparagus, garlic. It is a relief for those willing to work with their bodies, that they can address anxiety, insomnia, depression and other disorders with fermented foods and probiotics. These discoveries are changing lives and giving people back their power.
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