Gut Build Prebiotics & Probiotics – Vegan Kefir Powder

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More people are moving towards a plant-based diet. Their goal is to live cleaner, conscious, healthier and happier lives. Plant based gut support and building products will need to be available to them.
Gut Build is the answer.

This all-in one supplement contains:
Prebiotics 3 sources of prebiotics fibre (Chicory Root – Inulin, Green Banana Flour – fructooligosaccharides, Coconut Flour – Dietary Fibre)
Plant based collagen – Snow Fungus
Kefiran – probiotics sourced from water kefir scoby

A healthy gut starts with feeding it the right foods.
What is the prebiotic vs probiotic difference? Well probiotics wouldn’t even be able to do their job without prebiotics. These little non-digestible fiber compounds are known as Oligosaccharides. They ferment in the body and results in a a whole bunch of good-for-you effects including feeding the microbes, weight loss, improved immune system.

Tremella Fuciformis has been used for centuries in the same way we are now using collagen. Circulatory disorders, memory impairment, skin applications and inflammation are some of applications that snow fungus has been used in. In gut building and restoration snow fungus is known to assist with hydration, building block for lining healing.

The kefir grain or scoby has a varying and complex microbial composition that includes species of yeasts, lactic acid bacterial (LAB), acetic acid bacteria (AAB) and fungi. All of these microorganisms may have a probiotic potential. Kefir is a beverage which is produced by the mixture of the diverse spectrum of microbial species. The largest portion present in water kefir are Lactobacilli, accounting for around 65 – 80% of the microbial population. The Lactococci and yeasts constitute the remaining portion of the microbes present in the kefir grain. Fresh kefir grains are carefully dehydrated to ensure the continued life of the probiotics.

Zinc has been added for the building of the gut lining.

Building South Africa, one microbiome at a time

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