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I usually fast as a way of connecting and worshipping my God. He has taught me that the the things on this earth can corrupt me so its a good idea to tune in. This time I have decided to fast from a different place.

I am a I have made the physical the 1st level of focus this time. A structured water only fast for a few days gives my digestive system time to rest. All energy is now diverted to cleaning and cleaning is healing. Cleaning on a cellular level is my body removing the toxins that made me sick in the first place.

Being off balance, having negative thoughts- especially about myself, having a thyroid disorder which requires chronic medicine to feel balanced, cannot be Loves plan and purpose for me.

Karma,maybe? Am I being punished for things I’ve done? No, not unless I’m the one doing the punishing. I have and will continue to practice forgiveness as unforgiveness and bitterness leads to dis-ease. I understand this on a soul level.

Now, in the last days of a rather intense and dramatic 2020 I choose to say, “hey Bronwen let’s change this trajectory. I will start at the most basic level in the physical and start to remove the toxic foods and chemicals, the negative thought patterns which allow dis-ease access to my body and soul.”

I have the power to remove the corruption which is separating me from connecting to Love. Will it be easy? No, not always but it has to be intentional. I have to fight the temptation to do what I’ve always done, to give into the screaming desire for toxic foods and thoughts. I have to develop self control and self love. Fast8ng a great way to kick start this process. Around day 3 of any fast the addicted tummy and mind start to relax. Now the work of installing Love, of healing and cleaning out really starts to get under way. The less corrupted I am the more connected I become. Vibrating at a higher frequency, more like my Creator – Love.

Doing a fast over year end and New Year is a first for me. I’ve fasted the first 5 days of a new year as an intentional first fruit offering to my God and bèn blessed by the experience and the results. Intention plays a big part in the life we manifest and manifesting is part of being created by a Creator God.

I stopped partying the New Year in years ago. I decided that it would be wiser to bring in each new year with focus and intention. This year many South Africans will be celebrating their first sober New Year, their first NY at home. I hope many will be mindful and intentional too. Choosing to connect with intention to where they want to, what they want to be and how they choose to live. I invite you to fast sometime in 2021, to connect to Love, to yourself and with your cells. To honor your Creator and the amazing creation that is your body, soul and spirit. To heal your body yourself.

The food we are eating is killing us, its vibration is low and we love eating it because we are corrupted and our vibration is low too. Take back you power South Africa, take back your health, your thoughts, your purpose, your faith.

Choose to #BeLoveSeeLoveDoLove.
Start with you.

I wish you an intentionally intentioned 2021

Bronwen Del Paggio
Founder of NuMe S.A.

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