Home baked goodness

Breaking bread in the family home that comes fresh from the oven is a pure bliss generator!

 Once you’ve experienced the satisfaction of how easy it is to make bread at home, you might easily progress to the super value adding recipes that improve flavour and nutrition. Add flavour and nutrients to any loaf with nuts and seeds or bran for extra fibre, or prebiotics.

 You can even go further by developing the chemistry with a sourdough starter which is a fermented culture. This amazing living culture lowers the phytate levels and makes this kind of loaf more digestible. This in combination with the prebiotics means a healthier gut and less chance of imbalance, like blood sugar spikes in people suffering from diabetic and related illnesses.

Historically sourdough starters have been kept alive and passed on for generations giving bakers of the old days status and reputation for artisan breads. These days sourdough starters are less common but kefir is not only an appropriate alternative in its ability to improve the nutritional value of the bread but it also delivers a flavourful and fluffy sourdough loaf.

Here is a recipe from the Rebooted Mom using kefir to try for yourself.

Get your kefir delivered to your door from our online shop and experience the benefits of gut health the tasty way! 

Healthy tummy, happy life!

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