Gut-Lining and the fine line between health and disaster

 Unlike mechanical plumbing, your gut lining is not a sealed pipe transporting your food from one part to another. The gastrointestinal tract, or the shute that connects your throat when you swallow your food, to all the organs that play a role in digestion including your colon, is porous. How much gets through is the measure of the nutrients and minerals your body has access to. Let’s umbrella that all as your gut.

The Gut lining is then the term for the frontline cells that make first contact with the food your body wants to digest.

 First contact is a term you can apply to many relatable topics, most relatable in these strange times are the health care workers who are called to duty on the frontline of the covid pandemic. When those workers are in full force, on the frontline of exposure, they change the outcome for the body of the community beyond the walls of the hospitals they work in.

 With this in mind, let’s consider applying some sense and reason to giving your gut lining all the support it needs to digest food effectively for the greater good of your overall health.

 When at their best, the frontline cells control what gets absorbed into your bloodstream and transported to all the organs in your body. When there is damage or a lack of strength and integrity, larger undigested particles and unmanageable liquids can permeate the membrane and it is suggested, in published conversation, that this might be what leads to some of the most basic chronic diseases.

 Nothing qualifies me to say whether the jury is out on what causes chronic disease but the sense seems to lie in the value of what good gut health looks and feels like and what an influence it appears to be in the wave of studies surfacing “all things gut health”. What appears to be the winning candidate for balancing disrupted health is balancing your gut-microbiome; the culture of good bacteria in your digestive tract or gastrointestinal tract; gut for short.

 So what can you do to improve your overall health by focusing on your gut lining?

1.Observe and assess your health status.

What does your poo look like? Compare characteristics in a previous blog “The Best Thing About Poo..!” and adjust according to logic. If you are constipated, drink more water. If you are losing nutrients before you’ve absorbed them, eat more fibre.

 That said, make sure if you are not well and on the outer fringes instead of the centre of good health indicators, see a doctor or health practitioner for professional advice.

 2. Introduce probiotics in the form of fermented foods and beverages.

Fermentation is a process of allowing a SCOBY to feed on a provided food and the result is a transformed drink or food with alive cultures of good bacteria. You can introduce these cultures to your digestive system to your benefit. Theoretically (I am not qualified beyond my own interpretation; be sure to explore the topic in all directions for yourself) it is these micro-organisms that exist to do the work of mineralising nutrients for you. Milk kefir and water kefir are readily available beverages that compete with popular drinking yogurts and soda’s for their delicious creaminess and fizziness and  are outstanding in their delivery of the perfect collections of cultures for your microbiome.

 3.Test your assumptions and be ever ready to notice the results of what you did to adjust and be consistent. If you are feeling out of sorts and adjust to the reactions in your body, notice the changes that happen and seek advice. We aware that the process of rebalance may sometime cause an intensity of symptoms if your gut has been right out of wack. a process called die off or herxheimer Take it slow.

We at NUMESA believe that if you have a healthy tummy, that is a balanced gut microbiome, then you will see the results manifest as a happier life. Your gut lining will have the support on the frontline that it needs and if the first contact cells are doing their job correctly and are given enough water to sustain their efforts, they can flatten the curve of that disruption and restore all of your potential body functions to good health.

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