Gut Dysbiosis

Gut dysbiosis (the imbalance of bacteria), which leads to inflammation, is associated with many diseases, including mood disorders like depression, stress & anxiety; gut disorders like IBS, leaky gut & bloating; autoimmune disorders, pain, allergies, more.

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand with inflammation and are affected by the ecosystem in the gut. If balance is not restored a depression-inflammation cycle will follow.

What you eat either promotes mental well-being by reducing inflammation or makes it worse by causing further inflammation. Gut inflammation quickly becomes brain inflammation and over a period of time can lead to mental disorders like brain fog, alzheimer’s and dementia.

Avoiding inflammatory and trigger foods is the first step to reducing inflammation. You can follow an elimination diet to quickly establish what is causing you problems. In most cases the culprits are gluten, dairy, sugar and anti-inflammatory medication.

Adding probiotics and prebiotics will also help to rebalance the gut and restore the dysbiosis. Gut healing foods are a must for anyone suffering with gut dysbiosis. Bone broth to build and repair. Kombucha and kefir taken daily will introduce live good bacteria back into your gut. Add a spoon of authentic kimchi or kraut to one meal a day. Collagen is also helpful.

Get a health coach or do a course so you have help along the way. Get educated yourself. Do not rely on Dr’s to sort this out. They were not trained on food as medicine.
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