Flattening the new curves

For all of you who have been able to take flattening the curve to your home life, facing challenges that bring out the worst in us with the armour of patience for your children, or dexterity in providing for your families; perhaps you have gone the extra mile to make sure you have healthy food and made choices that calm the anxiety and brighten that silver lining on the clouds of 2020 – we salute you! It’s been a tough year and you have gained new perspectives and if you have unexpected decisions to make, you can find comfort in the fact that you are not alone!

Flattening the curve is a call to action we have been hearing about since the outbreak of Covid19 and though it applies more intensely to containing a pathogen, it has taught me something of other things too.

We are living in interesting times. Our lives are like samples of a typical and fictional end-of-times event show. Fake NEWS blurs politics, leaders compete with gamers for followers and a global pandemic has just cost an entire year for everyone all over the world. Flattening the curve has started to apply in some other instances of daily life now, like an internalised mental meme.

I blame the reality of staying at home to minimise contact because at the same time it is a bit like a reality show meeting your family, or yourself, for the first time in terms of spending so much time together. This reality has maximised the highs and lows in an arena quite unfamiliar. So in short, we have all got new curves with new highs and lows.

Flattening the curves of emotion from desperate and relieved to a constant sense of security can as easily be achieved with a good diet as with the proverbial happiness that money brings. You can also flatten the curves of your fear of the future by staying informed and thinking things through before digesting some of the conspiracies that keep you up at night.

When you take charge of your health – mind, body and spirit, you help yourself with flexing your coping muscles. When you are strong in yourself, you flatten the curve of the negative impact on your environment and on the people around you. The reward for your effort is feeling great, optimistic and secure in your mind, body and spirit.

Foods that support good gut health is a good place to start; it exists in the power you have in directly choosing what you put in your body.

You probably already know about fresh fruits and vegetables, believe everything you Grandma told you, it’s all true, but there are food groups that you might not realise are being left out of your diet like bitters for tonics (like herbal teas) and fermented foods like sauerkraut or fermented drinks like kefir.

Did you ever wonder why different foods are more or less healthy than others? There is plenty of info to be found on the different food groups, here are some forgotten truths.

Fruits and vegetables give you vitamins and minerals in a juicy form but with just the right roughage, or fibre, to balance all the sugar.

Grains and starches give you energy but again, best served with all their natural roughage for best results.

Bitters are often tonics to help you get better after illness or better yet, boost your immune system to fight off illness.

The best ignored food group of all though, is the fermented food group and it is a shame because some of the most delicious (and healthy) foods belong in this category. Kombucha, sauerkraut and ‘real’ cultured yoghurt, to name a few but kefir is by far the most generous of them all and I will tell you why. Kefir has more than 20 good bacteria strains that your body needs to work properly and drinking kefir can significantly improve, dare I say, flatten the curves on a number of areas of your life if you just give it a chance.

A healthy gut culture (the trillions of healthy bacteria living in symbiotic peace and prosperity in your digestive tract) is a vital part of preventing common and chronic disease as well as relieving constipation, hydration, allergies, anxiety and skin problems. You could just be missing out on a key ingredient to making your healthy diet a curve flattening tool, whichever kind of curve you want to flatten. These good gut bacteria are called probiotics and to come around and back to all that roughage, or fibre, these probiotics need to eat and the roughage, or prebiotics, are just that – food for your gut-culture!

If you are showing up to make good health a priority the natural way, for yourself as well as for your family, then you are doing your part as a citizen of the whole globe to ease the burden of our shared plight and flatten the curve on the effects of threats to our longevity.

Find delicious milk or water kefir, flavoured or just natural, from NuMEsa Foods, online or from any of their stockists in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban.

We at NuMEsa believe a healthy tummy means a happy life!

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