Constipation, digestion and absorption – Who’s eating anyway?

Micro, meaning very small, and biome, meaning  a naturally occurring community, is what is eating/processing your food when you eat. These very small bacteria, and other microbes, exist within your system to enable you to digest and absorb the nutrients that would otherwise build up or get lost in our waste.

These ‘microbes’, or small and strange cultures, help our tummies to work. A gut that has the right balance or a healthy microbiome is comfortable and stays regular. An unbalanced gut microbiome is often the reason for constipation. By restoring the bacterial balance in your gut you could enjoy the freedom of a regular and healthy release every day. 

 If you are not sure if you are constipated and you don’t feel obvious discomfort, there are some very simple symptoms that are sure signs of imbalance. Your mood might be be affected and you feel grumpy, sluggish and altogether not well. Just the same, there are simple remedies like drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables to improve your overall well being. You should enjoy a poo every day.

One of the best remedies for restoring a regular balanced system is fermented foods.
Fermentation is a food preparation that allows food to transform from a raw food to a live food, literally feeding  a culture of microbes to bring your stomach and digestive tract back into a balanced healthy state. Great examples of fermented foods include raw sauerkraut, kombucha, your Grandma’s ginger beer with raisins and of course, delicious kefir.
Eat foods that are ready to eat raw, like carrots, nuts and fruit. The more colour on your plate, the happier you and your microbes will be. Drink a fermented beverage every day – half a glass is enough. Exercise and drink fresh water.
Please note that pasteurization is a process done to kill unwanted cultures for good reason but only when pathogens are present so to pasteurize sauerkraut or kombucha will kill the beneficial bacteria and it will no longer contain the living cultures that improve gut health.

Many kefir drinkers have found that drinking 200ml’s of kefir a day will get their bowls moving as balance is restored.Yyou can order kefir online here or find a list of our current stockists .

Bronwen del Paggio is the owner of nume S.A., she is passionate about gut health and believes that a healthy tummy equals a happy life.

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