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As we move into our 6th year of proud operation, we’re delighted to announce our new and improved website and with it, a refreshed approach to our branding!

Since our exciting but humble beginnings from inside our founder’s kitchen, NuMe S.A. has continued to evolve and adapt; and we felt it was time for a change.

We’ve moved from strength to strength expanding the reach of our kefir products, and our extended gut health community, all the while devotedly continuing to produce (with love) the same artisanal kefir fermented using live kefir cultures that you have come to know and love. Our brand refresh reflects who we are today and symbolises our future.

Our new logo reflects the happy, healthier life that we believe gut health can bring to each individual and to our communities as a whole, extending—it is our fondest hope—to the whole of our country and beyond.

Our company comes together under the slightly altered NuMe S.A. name and logo and our products proudly bear the NuMe name and logo, signalling the positive benefits that we believe gut health brings.

Please help us celebrate this stage in our journey by sharing your take on our new and improved look on our social channels here: Facebook, or Instagram. And look out for our beautiful, bold and bright new labels in your favourite retail stores (a list of these can be found pinned to the top of our Facebook page) or in our own online store.

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